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Is there a reasonable automated proof system for TCS theorems?

Suppose I wanted to formalize Turing's proof regarding the halting problem so that a machine could check it. Some of the well-known automated theorem proving systems include Mizar, Coq, and HOL4. I downloaded and experimented with Coq, but it doesn't have a library for Turing machines. I thought to code one myself, but found the tutorial lacking and the language difficult to pick up.

My question is: Is there an automated theorem prover that is generally good at proving theorems that involve Turing machines? I would consider such a theorem prover "good" if it can formalize a proof of the undecidability of the halting problem using already-existing libraries. I would consider it even better if it's relatively easy to pick up. (For the record, I don't usually have difficulty with programming languages.)




Here is an Isabelle/HOL library containing Rice's theorem, which states undecidability of a wide range of problems. Since this library models computability via recursive functions, you have to encode a universal Turing machine as a recursive function in order to use this theorem for proving undecidability of the halting problem of Turing machines. However, the essential parts of the undecidability proof is already done.

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