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Updated Thu, 23 Jun 2022 12:06:14 GMT

Converting Word .doc file to a Flash Swf file

I am looking for a way to convert .doc files (Microsoft word) to swf.
At the moment I am copy pasting each page from Word to an .fla(in a Flash authoring tool) and then publishing it as an swf.
Actually I would want to convert each page or selection from my .doc file to swf's ... Do you'll have any suggestions?

EDIT: Well actually the output swf generated should have a comparable size to the one that is generated from copy pasting word page to fla and then publishing it..I think, Most of the softwares generate bloated swf...


Free alternative with two step process

SWFTools is a collection of utilities for working with Adobe Flash files (SWF files). The tool collection includes programs for reading SWF files, combining them, and creating them from other content (like images, sound files, videos or sourcecode).

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  • +0 – Nice suggestion! Lemme check on the output size of the .swf thats the most important criteria... will get back to you! — Sep 28, 2009 at 11:37  

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