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Updated Fri, 05 Aug 2022 12:01:43 GMT

Extract .tar.gz file that has files with .gz extension

Using this question I 'zipped' the folder with thousands of images on apache server. This apparently changed the files inside the folder itself and zipped the files. But that's not the issue atm.

I downloaded this .tar.gz file, and unpacked it with 7-zip, and got .tar file, which I then opened with 7-zip again and when I extracted it, but all the images inside still have .gz extension :\

Now there are over 9000 files (like literally, about 9400 files) with .gz extension that are useless to me. I cannot go and extract each one individually.

Is there a way to extract each image, and remove the .gz files in one go?



So the answer in the end, was just to select all, and to right click on 7zip and select extract here.

And afterwards just delete .gz files.

Hennes gave really good answer too :)

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