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Updated Thu, 09 Jun 2022 00:24:14 GMT

Is it decidable to determine if a given shape can tile the plane?

I know that it is undecidable to determine if a set of tiles can tile the plane, a result of Berger using Wang tiles. My question is whether it is also known to be undecidable to determine if a single given tile can tile the plane, a monohedral tiling.

If this remains unsettled, I would be interested to know what is the minimum cardinality of a set of tiles for which there is an undecidability proof. (I have not yet accessed Berger's proof.)


According to the introduction of [1],

  • The complexity of determining if a single polyomino tiles the plane remains open [2,3], and
  • There is an undecidability proof for sets of 5 polyominoes [4].

[1] Stefan Langerman, Andrew Winslow. A Quasilinear-Time Algorithm for Tiling the Plane Isohedrally with a Polyomino. ArXiv e-prints, 2015. arXiv:1507.02762 [cs.CG]

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