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Updated Thu, 23 Jun 2022 19:32:28 GMT

Are there survey papers in theoretical computer science?

Are there conferences or journals where we can publish surveys/literature review papers related to theoretical computer science problems? If provide a list of such conferences and journals.

I know there are many options in applied areas of computer science, but I have not seen this trend in theoretical computer science.

I work in computational algebra and haven't seen any survey papers so far.



These survey series come to mind:

Foundations and Trends in TCS (many authors put a free version on their web page)

Theory of Computing Graduate Surveys

SIGACT News Complexity Column (and also sometimes other technical columns etc in SIGACT News)

Bulletin EATCS regularly has surveys and tutorials

To your more specific question, can you be even more specific? "Computational algebra" is a pretty big field. I recall seeing surveys on computational algebraic geometry, computational real algebraic geometry, computational group theory (several links at that page).

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