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Updated Thu, 18 Aug 2022 21:06:38 GMT

How to stop Chrome mucking with the DOM

Basically, It irritates me that Chrome is mucking around with the DOM on all or nearly all web forms. I realize that this is probably a convenience for auto-filling forms, but I'd like to know how to go about disabling it. sometimes it's extremely annoying, especially if I want to look at a pages source for whatever reason.



If someone can show me how to go about disabling this I might automate the process to make it possible to just conveniently toggle/untoggle this since I feel like that would be a good solution since if my assumption is correct, I want it more often than not. (Although I dislike seeing it when I mouse-over a field in a HTML form)


This is not default behavior; you actually enabled it through about:flags.

Internally (in components/autofill/content/renderer/), the attach_predictions_to_dom variable controls this behavior, and it is enabled according to the feature kShowAutofillTypePredictions.

This corresponds to the about:flags entry "Show Autofill predictions". Enable/disable it at: