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Updated Fri, 10 Jun 2022 16:14:44 GMT

^C not working in zsh on Mac OSX

Ctrl-C stopped working for me at the terminal when using zsh (on mac osx). I didn't notice the exact moment that it happend so I can't be sure what caused it.

I didd't update zsh in a while though. and didn't touch .zshrc (I have it at a repo

If I run bash, ^C works in it.

If I run any command, like cat, ^C will work to stop it too. but inside zsh it just doesn't do anything.

bindkey | grep \\^C


"^B"-"^C" self-insert
  • zsh 4.3.10 (i386-apple-darwin10.4.3), installed though ports (zsh-devel @4.3.10_0+doc+examples+mp_completion+pcre)
  • mac os 10.6.6


that was a bug in rvm (ruby version manager) that I did update lately

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