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printing html microsoft-outlook-2003
Updated Fri, 26 Aug 2022 06:39:00 GMT

Can't print HTML emails on Letter pages correctly

We have this "(_&"/! problem since few weeks in our office. I would say almost since we've upgraded to IE8.

When a user want to print a HTML email with tables or any other HTML (Pictures, tables...) stuff in it, the email is not printed correctly on Letter pages (8x11). The whole email seems to be bigger than the 8x11 page itself. It's not scaled correctly...

  • I've uncheck the "shrink to fit" feature. No luck
  • I've set margins correctly (Print fine with non-html emails) I've set the font size (View
  • Text size) as smallest, no luck still...

So right now I'm clueless.

Any takers on this one?

Thanks a bunch!



Issue fixed. I had to disable the "Shrink to fit" feature... Or enable it in some cases.