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windows-7 network-shares samba credentials
Updated Sat, 06 Aug 2022 04:17:34 GMT

Windows 7 - Samba Shares - multiple credentials

My home setup has a Linux server which serves several shares, each with a different user & password.

I.e.: public, user1, user2

I can connect to my shares individually via \\server\public with the user & password.

However, once I entered credentials for one of the shares, it seems I can't access any of the other shares on the same machine.

Is there a way around this?


Following the answers here Samba+Windows: Allow multiple connections by different users?, I figured there is no solution from the windows client.

So I added several aliases to my linux server: /etc/samba/smb.conf

    unix extensions = no
    netbios aliases = ALIAS1 ALIAS2 ALIAS3
    wide links = yes
    workgroup = WORKGROUP
    os level = 20
    follow symlinks = yes
    wins support = true

then I connected to each alias with a differenet user & password.