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Change AD users attributes via Power Shell script

In the domain I'm working we created an attribute "regulationMatrix" . When I try a powershell command like get-aduser USER -properties * that specific attribute shows up only if it has a value set like "regulationMatrix : {PIC}", if not it doesn't appear on the output.

The attribute was recently added and now i have to add this attribute to 1000 users from a single OU.

Could someone help me with a script or command for example to modify the attributes to all users from the specific OU.

Thank you.

    $userlist = get-aduser -searchbase "OU=RandomOU,DC=contoso,DC=europa,DC=net" -filter * -properties regulationMatrix
foreach ( $users in $userlist ) {
    $username = $users.samaccountname
    $reg = $users.regulationmatrix
    write-host $username
    write-host $reg
set-aduser -identity $username -add @{'regulationMatrix'='PIC'}

Thanks to Daniel i figured what to add, this worked perfectly.


This is an example for a single user. Use filters or otherwise get a list of users, explicitly request the regulationMatrix property and then pipe the whole thing into the Set-ADUsercommand. Use -Replace or -Add to modify the property.

Get-ADUser j.doe -Properties regulationMatrix | Set-ADUser -Replace @{regulationMatrix="Hurz"}