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Updated Sat, 13 Aug 2022 01:34:37 GMT

Alt Tab (Task Switcher) randomly changing the specified row/columns configuration

I have changed in the Task Switcher of my Windows 7 SP1 (Aero enabled) the row/columns config to 8 columns by editing HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\CoolSwitchColumns, but changes only work some times.

This is the correct Alt+Tab splash screen (note the 8 columns):

enter image description here

but more often I get this other (note the strange way to show the 8th column and the 3rd row):

enter image description here

The correct task switcher is only shown about 1/6 times, mostly in a random way.
I have tested Alt+Tab Tuner v1.0.11 too, with no success.

I know that I can go back to classic Windows XP task switchers style, but I would prefer to keep the modern way.

Any ideas, please?


Finally solved! :-D

The problem came from WinSize2, a windows autoresizer.

This is: the program works OK, but I have accidentally added the task "Task Switcher" to its database via the program's hotkey for that. So, WinSize2 was resizing that "window" too.

Hope this info will help anyone with my same problem.

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